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2936: Earth has reverted to a primitive state after centuries of wars and plague. Zarnak, son of the great scientist Mergo leaves Earth on a rocket ship to reach Urgo and the human colony it hosts to save Earth from the darkness of barbarity and superstition, when…Wait… Zarnak? Zarnak who?

A mix between Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon, he was the only comic character to appear in a popular science fiction magazine without being inspired by a pulp character. Appearing in Thrilling Wonder Stories, for a handful of issues between 1936 and 1937, he was a bold experiment carried out by a young and ambitious editor who would make the history of both the pulp and the comics industry: Mort Weisinger!

This book contains the full original story arc (from Aug. 1936 - Oct. 1937) in a restored and re-lettered version.

It also bears an intro dedicated to the troubling story of science-fiction pulp magazines from its very origin to the publication of the first issue of Thrilling Wonder (Aug. 1936), plus never before seen sketches of an attempt to reprise the character in a cartoony style in 2010.In full color!

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