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The innovative vintage publishing company!
Licorne Prints is a pioneering imprint aiming at re-publishing now classical and vintage literary works, novels and comics in an innovative and qualitative way.
Its publishing process requires the skills of a historian, a restorer, an editor and a digital media expert, granting an enjoyable and informed cultural experience for any typology of readers.
Literary works come with historical or biographic notes about the author, the story theme, or the market in which each book was originally published, plus hard-to-believe, yet verified, info that will make the past live again as vividly as possible.
Old comic book pages are restored before being published so that the inking, the colors and the lettering suit the more sophisticated needs of modern readers as if the pages went to print just yesterday.
Artwork is added to texts that have never been illustrated to provide a richer reading experience. Classical and pulp stories that have been never exported to another medium will be adapted. So, just wait to see some of your favorite tales made into a comic book or in an audio format.
Foreign worth-to-read literary works and comic books, that have never been translated into the English language, will now be available to an international readership after decades. Bi-lingual comics and books will be published so that readers will be able to easily access any story and compare it with its original.
Since accessibility and usability are a necessity to modern readers, all Licorne books are provided in as many print and digital format as possible. In the case of ebooks, fully navigable notes and links to external sources are added to provide an effective multi-media reading experience.
Licorne manifesto is to re-invent past literary works, without losing the fascination of old precious things!


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